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About Safe Haven Homeschooling

I am Penney Douglas. I am a teacher, or I should say, a facilitator of learning. I love and admire children. Their excitement, enthusiasm, innocence, and curiosity make me smile.

I also love to see children learn. I like to lead them along, or walk beside them as they explore and discover for themselves.

One of my favorite things to do is to walk through the woods with my children. I love to watch them observe the little details of the plants and trees and creatures and to listen to their excited chatter as they notice something for the first time.

I love to see the delight and the pride of ownership as they learn something for themselves without anyone else having to point it out to them or tell them the answer. Charlotte Mason would call this Masterly Inactivity.

I love this part of her method. Letting children alone to learn and discover for themselves. Providing the setting and atmosphere that is conducive to experiencing new things and encountering the beauty and wonder of nature.

And then leaving them alone with their thoughts, knowing that I am available if they want to share what they’re thinking. If they want to process out loud or if they have questions for me, I am there for them.

I want them to feel safe to say anything to me, knowing that I will not ridicule or belittle their observations or thoughts or feelings.

I want you to feel the same way here. If you have any questions or concerns about homeschooling or parenting or even general issues of life, please feel free to contact me. Email me or contact me on Facebook, if you need prayer or have anything you want to talk to me about.