Bad Homeschool Day? Stop and Pray

Bad Homeschool Day? Stop and Pray

School’s out for lots of us. But we still have our kids with us every day just like we do during the school year. So the chance of a bad day may just increase with the change in routine.

Whether you school all year round or take a break in the summer, this is good advice, and I guarantee it will help.

This advice will actually help any day, any time. When things are not going well, either because of your own mood or other people’s behavior, stop and pray. You might need to reset your thinking. Or you might need to count to ten before speaking to your child. Or you may need to ask the Lord, “What should I do here”?

Your response could make all the difference in the world to your child or whoever you’re with. If you lash out in anger and impatience because of immature behavior or defiance, you will lose their trust, respect, and desire to listen to you.

When you consult the Lord about what to do or say, you are much more likely to act wisely and lovingly. He may tell you to take a break, switch activities, go outside, leave the house, or just hug and have a nice, calm talk with the child or children who are having a bad day.

The way that we respond is modeling for our children how to handle disagreements and conflict. And it is good to set the example of praying about everything. Even in the midst of a highly emotional altercation, if we can pause and grab the hand of the one we are at odds with and start praying, the atmosphere will change.

We can de-escalate a charged situation, and transform the mood to one of love and affection. Then we can do whatever is appropriate for the situation. We can go back to the activity that had been interrupted, or we can do something completely different.

This is a good method to use in any matter that you are unsure how to handle. Stop and ask the Lord, “What are You doing here?” Wait and listen to what He says to you. Then do it!

A while ago, I was having a hard time with my two youngest daughters. They were not obeying whenever I told them to do anything. I calmed myself down … uh hum… then I called them into my room. I prayed with them and told them I loved them.

What did I pray? I prayed that they would know how much I love them and that they would understand that I have to help them obey the Word, so that they will be blessed, and the family will operate smoothly. The Word says that children are to obey their parents and honor their father and mother. I prayed that God would help them to do that. Things were much better after that. They started obeying, and they seemed happier and more affectionate than before.

If you have a Bad Homeschool Day, Stop and Pray! Or any other time that you are uncertain what to do, stop and pray and find out what God would have you do. Most likely, He will turn something that was going in a bad direction into a blessed and beneficial experience for all involved.

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